About The Department


Department of Child Development has been established with the aim of training Child Development Specialists who serve society, educators and children aged between 0-18 along with improving support programs for all the developmental stages (mental, language, motor, self care, social and emotional) of the children, who normally developing, need special care, need protection (children living in normal/special care providing institutions, working, immigrant and delinquent) and children in hospital. Our graduates with the title of Child Educationalist show the performance of developmental diagnosis and according to that diagnosis provide early intervention programs with an eclectically approach, to provide consultancy for families; also serve to apply precautions suitable to support the development after the diagnosis for the children who shows developmental deviation with the basis of child, family and teacher/educators. Also similarly in special education field, diagnosing handicapped children's developments, they serve in the frame of multidisciplinary approach with the related professionals to take necessary precautions for the child and the family.