Our Achievements


Istanbul Okan University, Industrial Design Department Students Achieve Great Success in
National and International Design Competitions!..

Students of the Department of Industrial Design have been praised for their success in national and international design competitions in recent years. Since 2010, our students have won degrees in a total of 17 design competitions, making the name of Istanbul Okan University known and leaving their mark on design competitions.

We congratulate our students on this important achievement!

Carry Istanbul With You Souvenir Design Competition 2016 - Honorable Mention
(Aksel Aslan: ÇEKBAK - Souvenir Design- Keychain)

3. Zeki Yurtbay Design Competition - Design From Nature to Art 2015 - Honorable Mention Award
(Erdi Karabayır & Erdem Ustaoğlu: LEAFU- Ceramic Tile Design)

4th Cardboard Packaging and Stand Design Competition 2015 - Honorable Mention
(Erdi Karabayır & Erdem Ustaoğlu: FITLIFE- Cardboard Cereal Packaging Design)

8th Ajur Jewelery Design Competition 2015 – Finalist
(Nihan Altıntaş: ÜVERCİNKA- Jewelry Design)

2014 IMMIB Industrial Design Competitions - Small Electrical Appliances Category, Design for a Sustainable Environment - Honorable Mention
(Gürkan Gürbey: LIGHT POT – Wind Vane Lighting Design)

2013 IMMIB Industrial Design Competitions - Concept 2013 - 3rd Prize
(Gürkan Gürbey: Istanbul themed gift, cookie molds and storage unit)

2013 IMMIB Industrial Design Competitions - Metal Products Student Category - Honorable Mention
(Sinan Özkara: walking stick design for seniors)

Turkish Exporters Assembly - TIM - 1st Automotive Project Competition 2013 - Safety Category 2nd Prize
(Gürkan Gürbey: Air Cushioned Seat Belt Design)

2013 IMMIB Industrial Design Competitions - Plastic Products Student Category - Honorable Mention Award
(Gürkan Gürbey: Surprise glass design for children made of plastic )

Turkish Exporters Assembly - TİM - 2nd Automotive R&D Project Market and Automotive Design Competition - Renewable Energy and Environment Category - 3rd Prize
(Gürkan Gürbey: SOLAR FLOWER - Electric Vehicle Charging Unit)

6th National Furniture Design Competition - Undergraduate Office Furniture Category 2013 - Bürotime Gold Special Award
(Mehmet Sadık Ünal, Gizem Bektaş & Taylan Özgür Topal: ALLOFFICE - Office Furniture Design)

Turkish Exporters Assembly- TIM- 1st Automotive Project Competition 2013- Renewable Energy and Environment Category- 1st Prize
(Gürkan Gürbey: SOLAR TENT - Electric Vehicle Charging Unit)

1st National Cardboard Box and Stand Design Competition 2012 - Cardboard Stand Category – Finalist
(Baran Soyulmaz: Cardboard Stand Design)

1st National Cardboard Box and Stand Design Competition 2012 - 2nd Prize in Katon Stand Category
(Gürkan Gürbey, Meltem Kalaycı & Yahya Berooğlu: GYM - Cardboard Stand Design)

FNSS MIL. DESIGN Military Land Vehicles Design Competition 2011- Finalist
(Utku Tekçeer: AZAP - Military Land Vehicle Design)

Dreamline 7th International Design Olympics 2011 – Finalist
(Taylan Özgür Topal: KANGURU - Chess Set Design)

Dreamline 6th International Design Olympics 2010 – Finalist
(Mehmet Sadık Ünal: FOTRANÇ - Chess Set Design)