Dean's Message


Be it in the scientific or artistic field, universities ensure the development of original knowledge and creative artwork. Istanbul Okan University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture is among Turkey's most up-to-date art and design programs: It distinguishes itself with the modern campus of our university, strong infrastructure, environment-friendly surroundings, its philosophy of producing the students while educating, and by providing a center in the periphery of the city.

The increasing complexity of the world today and relationships arisen as a result of the new developments especially in the context of globalization, all have further underscored the importance of knowledge. In contemporary art and design education, multidisciplinary approaches have gained value and art, in terms of production and education, has taken up a route in multidimensional structure.

In the process of becoming civilized, especially the 20th century has become witness to wonderous developments, and though the steps taken in this direction have changed the world, they have also brought about their own set of internal conflicts. As this process altered the paradigms of life, it has also affected and transformed the descriptive aspect of art. This context has also enabled the recognition of the importance of conceptual approaches and accumulation of knowledge in the production of creative expression practices. Art, while depicting life in aestheticized results, areas of design founded on creativity, with their functional aspect, organize and deepen everyday conditions.

With its art and design programs, Istanbul Okan University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture was founded in the 2006-2007 academic year in Istanbul's Anatolian side; and with the spirit and principle of the university motto, it aims to raise students who interpret life while describing and who become actors in life.

Initiating its academic life with the Departments of Fashion and Textile Design (Fashion Design), Graphic Design (Visual Communication Design) and Interior Design; followed by the addition of the Departments of Industrial Design, Plastic Arts, and Photography in 2007-2008; Cinema-TV and Arts and Cultural Management in 2008-2009, the Faculty today is composed of eight departments. Ensuring students' immediate placement in the professional life after graduation is the most important privilege offered by Istanbul Okan University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture.

I extend my best wishes to our faculty's prospective young artist and designers.