Department Chair's Message


Cinema is a magical medium that reflects, feeds and influences the dynamics of its age, it is a fascinating method of storytelling and at the same time a powerful tool of political discourse.

Although there have been great changes in the process from the myths of primitive societies to the rituals around the fire to watching a movie in a dark hall, humanity's need for storytelling and listening continues.

Today, we see that the practice of cinema and television has changed to a great extent as a result of new trends and production forms that have emerged with the effect of industry and technological opportunities.

In addition, we encounter new approaches and perspectives in the theoretical field that affect and define the practice in the field and constitute the scientific accumulation. In the light of all these, it is obvious that the people who will work in the field need strong equipment and knowledge.

A Cinema-Television department should necessarily aim to teach all these traditional and modern practices, theoretical and historical approaches, and beyond that, to enable students to use and criticize all this knowledge.

In this context, it is necessary not only to learn and apply the knowledge in the field, but also to work with other fields of fine arts in an interdisciplinary manner.

In addition, when we think of cinema as an industry, it is extremely important to provide sectoral connections and to raise awareness among students about working practices in the sector. Cinema and television education is an interactive field of practice that requires creativity, technical and scientific knowledge, artistic skills and teamwork, and knowledge of sectoral dynamics.

The Cinema-Television Department of our faculty provides education with its experienced and important teachers in the field, modern studio, and constantly renewed technological equipment in order to provide students with this knowledge and to provide them with a sufficient theoretical-practical equipment.Our studenst will be able to work in in the field of cinema and television; and (in addition to traditional media) line of works such as internet channels and advertising where visuality is at the forefront. The Cinema-Television Department of our faculty aims to raise individuals who are equipped both intellectually and technically and have a sense of social responsibility.