As Istanbul Okan University Department of Architecture, our aim is to provide the education in an environment of notion and production that will closely follow contemporary art and architecture discussions and production, while at the same time allowing intellectual individuals. We benefit from the contribution of young academic staff in order to excite our learners and make them love the concept of design and creation, and from experienced architects to prepare them for the professional carreer.

Architectural education in our department takes a position in the direction of raising creative and civilized individuals beyond its mission of providing a profession. Our students are prepared to train themselves as well-equipped professionals during an intensive 4-year education period. As can be understood, we are working for an intellectual environment where the responsibility of self-education will be on young architect candidates. Because we believe that education is lifelong and we can only offer the basics of this understanding in vocational education. In this context, the members of our academic staff are also learners and we are constantly improving our program according to these principles. The dynamic and unstaid structure of our university supports our development.

The number of our students is increasing every year, our venues are renewed accordingly, and our staff is expanding. In addition to our English and Turkish Undergraduate programs, we also have Architecture Thesis and Non-Thesis Postgraduate Programs. We support our students in taking active part in activities such as workshops activities carried out jointly with other universities, events of the Chamber of Architects.