Department Chair's Message


Higher education in Turkey is undergoing a restructuring process in the 21st century. In this context, we aim to raise an intellectual youth who are aware of the changing dynamics of the world, with their academic background and personal skills, can successfully climb the steps in the fashion sector.

Our aim is to educate fashion designer candidates who can express themselves both verbally and creatively in international sectoral platforms and who have managed to develop their identity as a designer.

Our students receive education from experienced academic staff who also trained most of the leading fashion designers in our country. They have the privilege of studying in our apparel, weaving, printing and handcraft studios equipped with professional technical team and with these practical skills they can quickly adapt to business life.

Our department training program enables our students to define their career plans before graduation and to become aware of the business areas where they can achieve success in the field of fashion design with sectoral brand collaborations.

Textile and fashion design curriculum is integrated with the Bologna process which was launched to create a common cohesion in the European Higher Education Area, European undergraduate qualifications, and Turkish Higher Education Qualifications. Our students not only gain the qualifications stated in the framework of Higher Education Qualifications but also get the ability of making career plans ahead and capture success in the field of fashion design business areas with sectorial brand collaborations.