About the Department


The aim of the Pre-school Education Department is to provide students with a set of abilities and skills to support the psychomotor, social-emotional, linguistic and cognitive development of children who attend preschool institutions, building in self-care skills and preparing the child for primary education.

Implementing preschool educational goals demands wide professional knowledge, insight and sensitivity. It calls for a firm belief in the contribution of each child to the social tapestry of the group and to the preschool’s range of pursuits and activities. Setting goals for preschool education and planning the means to achieve them are based on a developmental-systemic approach, covering all areas of children development while pointing to the reciprocal, multifaceted relationship between the basic characteristics of each child and his/her environment.

The Pre-school Education Program aims to educate students to become experts on ensuring smooth physical, mental and emotionally development in children and acquisition of positive habits; preparing children for primary education; creating a common environment of education and development for children coming from disadvantaged families and environments; ensuring that children speak Turkish correctly and fluently.

What Can Becoming a Preschool Education Graduate Gain Me?
Supposing they meet the necessary conditions; students who, by meeting all obligations, have graduated from the program can work as teachers in independent kindergartens affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, in kindergartens affiliated to primary schools or in private kindergartens and preschools. Those who want to pursue an academic career can continue their post-graduate education with the Pre-School Education Graduate Program.