Department Chair's Message


Welcome to the Department of Educational Sciences at Istanbul Okan University. Educational Science Department aims to train competent teachers and educational specialists, to carry out teaching profession knowledge courses to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to do the teaching profession, and to carry out various activities, projects and the the graduate level thesis to increase the quality of education.

Under department of Educational Scineces, there are Guidance and Psychological Counseling undergradute program and Educational Management and Supervision master's and doctoral programs.

The department of Educational Scineces was established in 2012 and in the same year, it started to admit students to the Program of Guidance and Psychological Counseling. The language of instruction in the program is Turkish. Guidance and Psychological Counseling program is one of the rare programs that offers wide job opportunities to its graduates. Our graduates are employed as a Guidance Teacher in primary and secondary schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, private schools and schools affiliated with the Turkish Armed Forces and the Police, as a 'pedagogue' in Courthouses, Child and Family Courts, in Guidance Research Centers, Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers, Private Psychological They can work in Counseling Centers with the title of 'Psychological Counselor'. If they complete their master's and doctorate education, our graduates can also have the opportunity to work as academicians in various state or private universities.

Our department also offers Double Major and Minor Programs at the undergraduate level. These programs, which are our rewarding system for our successful students, are in demand by many of our successful students. Especially in case of enrolling in the Double Major program, our students have the opportunity to graduate from our university with not one but two diplomas, that is, with two professions. As an undergraduate program, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Program aims to prepare students as highly qualified counseling professionals capable of functioning well in the dynamic counseling field.

Educational Science Department has an active role in academic collaborations with national and international partners, universities and K-12 schools with various educational projects and programs. Erasmus Student Exchange Protocol between our department and some of the universities in European Countries has been signed in order to exchange of students, therefore, our students have the opportunity to study at a contracted university abroad for a certain period of time, if they demand and meet the necessary conditions.

Education Administration and Supervision Program includes a doctoral thesis program, a master program with thesis and non-thesis master program. As a graduate program, Education Administration and Supervision Program aims to train future executives with professional knowledge and skills in the administration and supervision of different educational organizations.

With all our efforts and professions, the main goal of our faculty members is to raise teachers and trainers who are productive in their profession, are solution oriented, have critical thinking skills to deal with real-life complex problems and have ability to apply universally appropriate understanding of science and ethical values in all circumstances.