About the Program


Our program of ‘English Language Education’ which has been established under the department of ‘Foreign Languages Education’ aims to train prospective teachers and academics who can define and resolve problems in their field through courses that are related to occupation of teaching, methods of language teaching, linguistics, and cultural development.

While these courses are provided in digitally equipped classrooms or through student-friendly online portals, the students are also given the opportunity to work on their teaching skills and knowledge in practicum courses, comprehensive/online library, and international/national seminars under the guidance of a qualified academic staff.

Moreover, the local and international affiliations with academic organizations and institutions provide the prospective teachers with opportunities on expanding their horizons as a teacher of the language of English.

Our students are also given the chance to participate in educational research being carried out in our department as well as projects being conducted in cooperation with international/national bodies.

What Can Becoming an English Language Teaching Graduate Gain Me?
While our graduates can be employed as a ‘Teacher of English’ in private and public schools under the Ministry of Education of Turkey, they can also apply to organizations/schools working in the field of language teaching in other countries.

By completing the undergraduate program, our students also gain the right to study in graduate programs in the field in national and international universities. These programs can help our students to become experts and academics who can work in the same field in various universities.

Moreover, our graduates can also work in international organizations that work in the field of educational solutions such as publishers, test-centers, and accreditors as learning/academic consultants, test-makers, test-givers, material developers, teacher trainers, and marketers.