About the Program


Guidance and Psychological Counseling, as one of the applied sub-branches of Psychology, is a science-based professional psychological assistance process that supports individuals to know themselves, increase their awareness of themselves and their environment, develop coping strategies for their difficulties, and discover and develop their potential. Guidance and Psychological Counseling, in which you can become a student of undergraduate programs in education faculties in our country, consists of theoretical and applied courses in the field of education and psychology.

Guidance and Psychological Counseling is a psychological assistance service that requires human-to-human contact, in other words, to establish relationships. It is believed that establishing a healthy relationship will contribute to the well-being of individuals. If you are with people to accompany them on their journey and

  • to approach with empathy, respect and unconditional acceptance, considering differences such as culture, ethnicity, belief, age, socioeconomic level, other characteristics specific to the individual,
  • to receive training in career counseling, school counseling, family counseling, individual and group counseling,
  • to do a lot of practice in addition to theoretical lessons in the education process,
  • to contribute to the learning and development processes by being aware of the lifelong development of individuals

are among your goals, you can choose to study Guidance and Psychological Counseling.

What Can Becoming a Guidance and Psychological Counseling Graduate Gain Me?
Being a graduate of Guidance and Psychological Counseling increases your awareness of yourself, your needs and experiences, as well as contributes to your interpersonal relationships. Professionally, you will acquire many professional psychological support skills and then graduate.

Since it is a very broad field, you are likely to face many options when you graduate. One of the most preferred fields of study among the graduates of the program in our country is the opportunity to work in public and private schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. If you are considering working with children, adolescents and their families, you may want to consider school counseling. Also, working in Guidance and Research Centers affiliated to the Ministry of National Education may be among your options. You also have the opportunity to work in units affiliated to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. Among your wishes to work with individuals with special needs, Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers is another working area for Guidance and Psychological Counseling graduates. In addition, the fields of study include military units, foundations and associations in accordance with the purpose and scope, and student dormitories. Finally, you can work in private psychological counseling centers and ensure that individuals benefit from mental health services.

In terms of academic career, you can work as an academic in state and foundation universities if you complete your master and doctoral studies.

Guidance and Psychological Counseling is one of the effective ways to support someone else and contribute to their development. If you want to be a part of it, it may be one of the ideal options for you.