Educational Sciences


Under department of Educational Scineces, there are Guidance and Psychological Counseling undergradute program and Educational Management and Supervision master's and doctoral programs.

The department of Educational Scineces was established in 2012 and in the same year, it started to admit students to the Program of Guidance and Psychological Counseling. The language of instruction in the program is Turkish. Guidance and Psychological Counseling program is one of the rare programs that offers wide job opportunities to its graduates. Our graduates are employed as a Guidance Teacher in primary and secondary schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, private schools and schools affiliated with the Turkish Armed Forces and the Police, as a 'pedagogue' in Courthouses, Child and Family Courts, in Guidance Research Centers, Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers, Private Psychological They can work in Counseling Centers with the title of 'Psychological Counselor'. If they complete their master's and doctorate education, our graduates can also have the opportunity to work as academicians in various state or private universities.

Graduates of Educational Administration and Supervision master's and doctorate programs under the Department of Educational Sciences have the chance to continue their careers as academicians. In addition, they can continue their careers as specialist teachers in the Ministry of National Education. We support your development and change with the principles we have gained and with our strong academic staff, our valuable professors who guide you to reach your goals, model and open your horizons.