Turkish Courses


Istanbul Okan University Turkish and Foreign Language Application and Research Center, OKANDİL, aims to teach Turkish as a foreign language in Turkey and Turkish as a native language for Turks in abroad.

Turkish Unit, which deals with teaching Turkish as a foreign language with a scientific approach; Expert in the field, experienced in foreign language teaching techniques and has a dynamic academic staff. Lessons are held in 5-16 student-classrooms equipped with all kinds of audio and visual materials. Courses have a 2/3 attendance requirement.

The Turkish language courses consist of 4 basic, 4 intermediate and 4 high courses. At the end of each course, our students are assessed with a curriculum-exam that includes four basic language skills (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speech, written expression) and supporting skills (grammar).

Course Final Assessment Exams

In order to measure the level of attainment of goals in the courses that correspond to the certificate level, there are exams for four basic language skills. While a failed student who is unsuccessful at one skill can go for the makeup exam, the student who has failed more than one skill should repeat the course.