Arabic Courses


OKANDIL Arabic Courses consist of three levels and five courses, with A1 and A2 for the basic level, B1 for the intermediate level and C1 for the advanced level, determined in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Teaching (CEF).

According to the result obtained from the placement test, the student is placed in the appropriate level.

In Arabic courses, Standard Arabic (Fusha), which all Arab countries use as their common official language, is taught. As the course book, we use the El-Arabiyye Beyne Yedeyk series, which has been accepted worldwide in teaching Arabic with foreign language. The training issupported by audio and visual technical equipment (VCD-DVD, computer, projection, classroom software and internet), and various supplementary materials.

Lessons are given by Istanbul Okan University's academic staff who specialize in teaching Arabic. In OKANDIL, courses in Arabic Translation as well as General Arabic Courses will be organized. In order to participate in the translation course, the trainee must have at least B1 level Arabic knowledge.