Chinese Courses


OKANDIL Chinese courses are given by Okan University with the cooperation of Confucius Institute. According to the criteria determined by HANBAN (Confucius Institutes Center), general Chinese courses are taught in 6 basic levels and HSK / HSKK preparatory courses are taught in 3 basic levels. As a result of the placement test (in the form of HSK) at the beginning of the course, the appropriate course is determined and the training supported by HANBAN's books and other educational materials is given by the Chinese lecturers and instructors at the Confucius Institute of Okan University.

HSK exam levels, International Chinese Language Placement Exam (HSK) - European Language Teaching Common Frame (CEF) comparison:

HSK LevelsRequired VocabularyInternational Chinese Language Proficiency CriteriaEuropean Language Criteria Framework (CEF)
HSK 6 5000 and above 6. Grade C2
HSK 5 2500 5. Grade C1
HSK 4 1200 4. Grade B2
HSK 3 600 3. Grade B1
HSK 2 300 2. Grade A2
HSK 1 150 1. Grade A1