Terms and Conditions


Placement Test
Prior to enrolling in the courses, a placement test is given. The Level Placement Exam is held every day of the week between 09:00 and 16:00. The test (except for Turkish courses) is a paid test which is deducted from the course fee when enrolled. The test fee is not refunded to those who do not register the course. The Placement Exam is valid for 4 months. Regardless of the Placement Examination, the course instructor may change the trainee's course within the first week of the course, with the approval of the relevant departmental officer, if necessary. Course fees are taken as Turkish Lira. Registration fees for classes that can not be opened due to reasons that are at our headquarters are returned.

In order to benefit from the discounts, the ID card must be shown at the time of registration and the related copy must be signed attached with a photocopy of the ID card.

Course Requirements
Course hours canceled due to reasons originating from OKANDIL Center are compensated.

For the paid course period, the person can transfer his / her right to another person for the same or another language within the first week of that period and the new student is taken to the free placement test for the establishment of the level.

In order for a class to be opened, the minimum number of trainees designated for the courses must be reached. The class is opened with at least 7 for English and special-purpose Turkish courses, and at least 5 for other languages and special-purpose foreign language courses. For applications to be made as a group, special classes may be opened at specific intensities of days and hours as one or two monthly periods. The authority to change classes, attendance hours, classes and teachers belongs to the Branch Unit Officers.

The course instructor at the non-examination courses observes the student in terms of 5 basic language skills during the period of this course and decides whether to repeat the same course or not by performance evaluation. In the exam courses and certificate and diploma courses, a final examination which tests 5 skills is given in the last four hours of each course. A trainee who has succeeded in all skills passes a higher level. At the end of the course, the unsuccessful trainee must repeat the same course, paying the tuition fee, in order to pass an upper level. In order to pass all the skills in the level determination examination, it is necessary to take the following minimum grades.

The rating is:










Mutual Conversation



Oral Expression



Written Expression



  • Students who have completed basic and intermediate courses take a certificate signed by the Director of OKANDİL and the students who have completed the upper-Intermediate/advanced level are certified a diploma signed by Istanbul Okan University Rector.
  • There is a 7/8 attendance requirement for courses. A student with poor attendance without a valid excuse cannot take the exam and will automatically be counted as “failed” for that level. A refund is not given for the days and hours which are not attended.
  • A student who registered for the courses at OKANDİL deemed to have accepted all the applications and conditions written above.