Child Development


This program aims to train vocational staff that are be able to provide contemporary, modern and superior education for children with special needs. Students will develop an awareness of global, cultural and technological changes and be able to adapt themselves to the latest innovations. The students in this program learn to follow, determine and apply supportive education programs for children. Additionally, this program aims to train child developers able to educate children according to democratic and secular principles.

Moreover, this program also aims to train “Child development vocation staff” able to support the developmental process of children and assist children who need special education or who have a chronic disease. They may also support these children’s families with guidance about the special needs of these children.

The students who graduate from this department have the title of “Child Development Vocation Staff” and they can work in kindergartens of pre-school education centers of private and state schools, day care homes/ nurseries/ kindergartens affiliated to the Social Services and Child Protection Institution, pediatric clinics, special education centers, organization and foundations for children, the field of children’s literature, companies of toy production, playgrounds of tourism and sport centers.

Period of Education: 2 years
Prep School: Yes
Internship: Yes
Education Language: Turkis