Message from the Director


Dear friends,

Today, in addition to the rapid changes and developments in medical science and technology, health services in Turkey are growing day by day in parallel with the whole world. This change, development and growth; It shows itself both with the variety of services provided and the number of health institutions opened. Naturally, as the variety of services and the number of health institutions increase, the need for the number of health personnel also increases.

Similar to the physician-nurse deficit, which is frequently expressed in our country, is experienced in the field of health technicians. Considering that the Health Service is a team work, the health technician has an important place as a member of the health team. For this reason, training qualified health technicians in many health care fields is important for the health of the society and the health system of the country.

Istanbul Okan University Vocational School of Health Services; It conducts programs in 13 different fields in order to train qualified healthcare professionals who are respectful of Patient Rights and Medical Ethics and have professional knowledge and skills. Among these programs, Operating Room Services, Anesthesia, First and Emergency Aid, Audiometry, Opticianry, Medical Imaging Techniques are both formal and Secondary Education, Oral and Dental Health, Child Development, Dialysis, Electroneurophysiology, Pathology Laboratory Techniques, Radiotherapy, Medical Laboratory Techniques. It offers education in the form of formal education.

Our school, which provides theoretical and practical education during the 2-year education period, has the necessary infrastructure for our students to gain professional skills. We provide hands-on training to our students in our university's own hospital, in our simulation center and in the laboratory of each program, with our training staff who are experts in their fields and who come from the practice. In addition, as a result of the agreements we have made with private and public hospitals, we provide our students with internship and practice opportunities in hospitals both in Istanbul and in other provinces.

The healthcare field is one of the rare fields that does not have a problem in finding a job. For this reason, our candidate students who will take the exam can easily write these areas where they will find a job without hesitation. In addition, when they complete these 2-year programs, we have the opportunity to vertically transfer to 4-year undergraduate programs such as nursing, child development, health management, business administration, and to do a Double Major program and a Minor program within 2 years of education.

With the wish to be together,

Best regards,