Message from the Director


Dear friends,

The health service is growing rapidly in Turkey with each passing day, as it is in the entire world. Both the increasing range of services offered and the increasing number of health institutions attest to this growth. It is only natural that, as the number of health institutions increases, the demand for health staff increases too.

The shortage of physicians and nurses is often raised as a serious problem in Turkey, but a similar shortage of health technicians is striking too. In fact, health technicians constitute a very significant part of health personnel. A great number of services in the healthcare sector can only be carried by the help of health technicians.

The Vocational School of Health Services at Istanbul Okan University is offering 17 programs this year: Operating Room Services, Dialysis, Electroneurophysiology, Anesthesia, Audiometry, First Aid and Emergency Aid, Perfusion, Medical Imaging Systems, Medical Laboratory, Radiotherapy, Senior Care, Pathology, Medical Promoting and Marketing, Child Development, Medical Documentation and Secretarial, Health Institutions Management, and Opticianry. The last four programs offer evening education as well. Thanks to our agreements with private and public hospitals, our students enjoy the opportunity of practical training in Istanbul and other cities.

The field of health is one of the few sectors in which there is no difficulty in finding employment. Candidate students can matriculate in our department without any concern for finding a good job. After finishing the two-year program, they can transfer to four-year programs such as nursing, child development, health management, and business administration.

Best regards,