Medical Documentation and Secretarial


The purpose of the program is to educate medical secretaries as a human resource needed by health institutions and organizations in the field of medical documentation. During the program, our students are educated in medical terminology, establishing effective communication with patients, patients’ relatives and medical workers, protocol rules, motivation for work, avoiding stress, filing and archiving techniques, using ICD – 10 coding system, reporting, and official correspondence.

Our graduates may work in the medical departments of health institutions and organizations such as clinics, polyclinics, laboratories, operating rooms, emergency services, or at the administrative units such as health committees, patience admission, and filing and archiving departments. The need for medical secretaries in private and governmental health institutions and organizations, and business opportunities are gradually increasing in parallel with developments in the medical services,

Period of Education: 2 Years
Prep School: Optional
Hospital Internship: Yes
Evening education: Yes
Education Language: Turkish