Career Center’s Role on Graduates

  • Connections with our graduates and monitoring graduates is another important task of our center. We have been following our graduates since 2007. As much as our students, we also keep in touch with our graduates via social media, e-mails, telephone, student clubs and/or face to face meetings.
  • With the workshops focused on industries’ expectations, our students get to meet with business life early; and once they are graduated, with our courses, role model workshops and personal consultancy services, they are supported to find jobs depending on their qualifications.
  • Along with our ‘’The University Closest to Business Life’’ motto, we have agreements both on public (such as İŞKUR) and private company levels. Therefore, we play missionary role for our students’ decarceration to industry.

To let our successful graduates to mentor our young students, OKAN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION has been established. Our university dedicated itself to communicate with our graduates by any means.