Workplace Supported Education Program (O’COOP COOPerative Learning)


Faculties and Career Center Working Together Workplace Supported Education Program (O’COOP COOPerative Learning)

Workplace Supported Education (O’COOP COOPerative Learning) program is predicated on student’s practical working in a business during his/her undergraduate education.

O’COOP COOPerative Learning ’s goals;

  1. Familiarizing students to workplaces related to their undergraduate programs,
  2. Enabling students to reinforce their information and manners related to education and experience that they have learnt during their undergraduate program by practicing,
  3. By up skilling students to be able to let them use their theoretical information and use them practically, O’COOP COOPerative Learning makes adaptation time to business life after graduation shorter,
  4. As the O’COOP COOPerative Learning program’s education due, enabling students to learn their responsibilities, relations, organization and producing process, getting to know new technologies at their workplace; gaining good communication habits with colleagues and customers.