Application Requirements and Required Documents


Applications to the Doctorate Program with a Master's Degree

  • ALES (Numeral Section): ALES score of at least 55,
  • GRE Quantitative (Numeral Sectionl): score of at least 610,

Applications to Doctoral Program with Bachelor's Degree

  • ALES (Numeral Section): ALES score of at least 80,
  • Undergraduate Diploma Grade 3 out of 4,
  • GRE Quantitative (Numeral Section): score of at least 685,
  • Reference Letter,
  • Taking Interview Exam

Required Documents

  • Original or notarized certificate of four-year undergraduate / graduate diploma,
  • ALES (Numeral Section) Certificate
  • Foreign Language Certificate,
  • Transcript
  • Identity Card Copy or Notarized Copy,
  • Certificate of Residence,
  • Military Deferment Certificate or Discharge Certificate,
  • Criminal Record,
  • 3 passport size photos,
  • Filling out the T. C. Istanbul Okan University Graduate application form,

Students who do not have ALES score can be admitted as special students, provided that they get the required score when entering the first ALES exam in the next semester. Candidates are required to have received a grade of 55 or equivalent in YDS and similar national and international exams during admission. Accepted applications can be examined in detail by the Program Steering Committee and candidates can be allowed to follow the main program provided that they successfully complete the courses in a "Scientific Preparation Program" if necessary.