Vision / Mission


Our Vision
To be an innovative, pioneering and referred Faculty of Dentistry providing qualified and high level education within the framework of universal values, contributing to science with original academic research and raising respected academicians, being able to meet the requirements at international standards by constantly increasing the quality of oral and dental health clinical treatment services.

Our Mission
To be a Faculty of Dentistry

  • In line with the mission of our university; raising self-aware and happy individuals who have internalized the basic values of the republic, sensitive to national and universal issues, capable of analytical and critical thinking, entrepreneurial, innovative, fluent in foreign language, learned to access, use and share information,
  • Raising competent dentists fully equipped in terms of professional knowledge, skills and use of modern dentistry technology who use their superior achievements to protect and treat the oral and dental health of the society, able to take the individual treatment approach as basis and work with multidisciplinary treatment approach, know the importance of routine oral and dental check-up and the preventive dentistry applications and, who are respectful to ethical values,
  • Contributing to science by making nationally and internationally recognized original research,
  • Performing diagnosis and patient treatment services in dentistry by its competent and strong academic staff, with contemporary knowledge, skills and advanced technology in a team spirit,
  • Providing up-to-date professional knowledge to dentists by organizing postgraduate education and courses,
  • Having strong communication with its students and all employees, treating one another affectionately and respectfully, and respecting the rights of their patients and colleagues.