​2022-2023 Academic Year English Proficiency Exam

19 August 2022

Dear students,

2022-2023 academic year OPAE (Okan Proficiency academic exam in English) is scheduled for September 12th, 13th&14th. The exam consists of 4 parts and will be conducted face-to-face on Tuzla Campus.

Monday, September 12th: 10:00-12:00 Part 1: Reading into Writing(Integrated)

Monday, September 12th: 13:00-15:00 Part 2: Listening into Writing(Integrated)

Tuesday &Wednesday September 13th &14th – Part 3&4. Part3- Reading into Speaking& Listening into speaking. (Integrated)

The lists with the group/room numbers and the exam location will be available at the entrance floor of Insan ve Toplum Building on the campus on the exam day in the morning.

Note: The students who failed the exit 2021-2022 academic year exam or who wish to take the exam although their department is 100% Turkish instructed must fill out the form below to register to take the exam on the 12th of September. The deadline for the registration is September 5th @23:00

Click for the registration link.

Please, make sure that you are in the classroom 1 hour ( 60 min) before the exam with your own pen, pencil and eraser.