Required / Selective English Courses Fall Semester Exemption Exams

29 April 2024

The exemption exams for our Required/Selective English courses are going to take place on the14 of May, 2024 via our on-line platform O'Learn. Please click on the exam schedule below to find the information regarding the exam day and time of the course you would like to be exempt from.

The students who want to sit for the exam must apply for it by filling out the online application form below by the end of May 10, 2024. Students are not allowed to sit for more than one exam.If the student does not fulfill this pre-condition, his/her exam grades will be left out of assessment. Please make sure that you apply for the correct course while selecting the course code from the drop-down menu. The student will be held responsible in cases which s/he selects the incorrect course code. The students who succeed in the exam will be given the letter grade "G".

Important note: If you are in a graduation status or have a status approved by foreign languages, you can take the exam, otherwise your application will not be accepted.

Click to fill out the application form.