Dual Degree Opportunities for Istanbul Okan University Students

19 September 2020
  • Having passed the Pearson Quality Inspection successfully, Istanbul Okan University is the first Turkish University to obtain the authorization to provide the Pearson Certified International Certificate (HNC – High National Certificate) and International Diploma (HND – High National Diploma) of UK origin.
  • Standing in between the undergraduate and graduate degrees, students who have an HND can study one more year in one of the partner universities which are mostly located in the UK, USA, and Canada to gain the right to receive a second bachelor’s degree from that university. HND is mostly available in engineering, business, and administration fields and is not offered in medicine, dental, and law fields.
  • HND will be offered to students in pre-determined majors upon request.
  • Students who have received an International Diploma (HND) in different countries will also be accepted to the corresponding department in Istanbul Okan University to receive a second degree by completing their education.
  • While providing our students with the opportunity of having a dual degree, HNC/HND accreditation will also benefit Istanbul Okan University’s Pearson Educational Solutions by showing itself in worldwide field of activity and expand its international display area.