To the attention of students who filled the maximum term at the end of the 2021 Summer Semester

10 September 2021
  • In 4-year undergraduate programs, the maximum teaching period is 7 years. However, at the end of these periods, final year students (SUCCESSFUL IN 60% OF THE CURRICULUM) are given two additional exams for all the courses they have failed, in order to graduate from the educational institution they are enrolled in. If students reduce the number of courses which they have failed, never taken and failed due to absence (VF) to five courses after additional exam, they will be given 3 more semesters to take additional exams for those courses. If the students reduce the number of courses which they have failed to five courses without taking any exam, the students will be given 4 more semesters to take the additional exams for those courses.Those who fail one course are given unlimited right to take the exams of the course they failed.
  • Students who have passed all the courses for graduation, but whose GPA is below 2.00; unlimited exam rights are granted from the courses they choose.
  • In spite of using their right to take additional exams, if a student can not reduce the total number of unsuccessful courses (including the courses they never took, absent, or failed) to five or fewer courses, that student is dismissed from the University.
  • At the end of the maximum period, students who use their right to take the exam can also participate in the internship application by accepting the internship application as "a course".
  • A student who never enters the exams to be opened for three consecutive or intermittent academic years is deemed to have waived his right to unlimited exams and cannot benefit from this right.
  • Students who are in the situation of using unlimited rights continue to pay the per credit fee of the course they took the exam.
  • Students within the scope of the maximum period cannot benefit from other student rights other than the right to take the exam.

To get the exam rights apply to our Dean’s office with;

  • A petition letter stating the exams you want to take,
  • You need to provide a transcript,