PACE English Proficiency Exam for Ek Kontenjan & Int'l students

26 October 2021

Dear students,

The OPAE exam for the additional quota is scheduled for November 8th 2021.

The exam consists of four parts. All four parts are obligatory to take to complete the exam.

The exam schedule is below:

Monday, November 8th – 10:00-11:30 Writing Part 1
Monday, November 8th – 13:30-15:00 Writing Part 2
Tuesday, Wednesday- 9:30 **Speaking parts 3&4 combined

Please, make sure that you are in the classroom 1 hour ( 60 min) before the exam with your own pen, pencil and eraser.

The location of the exam will be sent to the mobile phone number that you provided when registering. If you did not receive the SMS before Monday, November 8th, present yourself to office 45, 4th Floor, Insan ve Toplum Bilimleri on November 8th before 9:00

**The speaking exam list with time and location will be announced through O’Learn on Monday evening, November 8th from the ‘’announcement’’ section of OPAE 2021 course.

Please, make sure you have access to the system and your login credentials are valid. If you do not find your name on the speaking list, email your OKAN ID number, full name, surname and department to /

The results of the exam will be announced on Tuesday, November 16th through O’learn from the ‘my grades’ section of OPAE 2021 course. If you cannot access O’learn , present yourself to the International office on that day to find out the exam results.

To prevent the spread of the COVİD-19 virus, you will be asked to follow basic principles such as wearing masks and keeping a social distance at all times.