Our Summer School starts on June 15, 2020!

12 May 2020

The registration period has been extended until 19 June 2020 so that you can complete your financial and summer school course registrations.

Click here to see the list of courses to be opened in Summer School.

16-20 May 2020 Summer School Course Request Survey
1 June 2020 Details of the Courses to Offered at Summer School
01-14 June2020 Summer School Course Registration and Financial Registration
15 June 2020 Beginning of Summer School
30 July 2020 End of Summer School

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Summer School Course Selection Information
Dear our students,
Due to the pandemic, you have been given the opportunity to take 2 more courses in addition to the number of courses that you need to take in online summer school.

The total number of summer school courses you will enroll in can be up to 5 courses with the approval of your academic advisor. You can take only 1 (one) course from other higher education institutions even if it is opened in our university except for project and application courses.