Steps to take courses from other universities in Summer School

03 June 2022

Dear Students,

1.Steps to take courses from other universities in Summer School
2.Students can take a total of 3 courses in the 2021-22 Summer School. Provided that they comply with the following conditions:
3.If the courses are offered by Okan University, you should take from Okan University, if not then you can take from another university The course / courses taken from other Universities, which are not registered for the opened course, are deemed invalid.
4.The students who has a higher score than the base score of his/her program in the year he/she registered can take summer education from another university.
5.The students can take the courses who has never taken from the current semester or the lower semester, students can not take the courses from the upper grade, but if his/her GPA>3.0 they can take 1 course from the upper grade.
6.The student who wants to take courses from another university, presents the course content of the university he / she wants to go to to the relevant academic staff. The lecturer must review and write “COURSE CONTENT IS SUITABLE” and confirm, otherwise he / she cannot take the course.
7.Fill in the course taking form from another university and have it approved by the head of department and advisor with the approved course content and hand it over to the Dean's office.
8.The Dean's Office examines the requests of all our students to take courses from another university and, if deemed appropriate, transmits them to the departments related to the Faculty Board of the FYK,
9.Summer School course enrollment form that are not submitted to the Dean’s Office will be deemed invalid even if they take the courses.
10.Success grades sent by other Higher Education Institutions are submitted to the Registrar's Office and recorded in the transcript before the semester course registration starts following the summer education, after being approved by the relevant Executive Board.

11.The courses to be opened by our faculty for the summer school are attached.

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