Non-stop education is continuing through O'Learn

19 March 2020

Dear Our Students

With the Higher Education Council’s suggestions, we are starting our courses beginning from March23rd, 2020 via O’Learn. Some of our students have already used this platform. But if you have not used it before please refer to the following online reference web sites. It is user friendly. Also, you will be able to reach frequently asked questions.

O'Learn access info; Link: Username and password is same as OIS If you have pasword problem you can reset it from:

All course materials, virtual classes, homeworks, quizzes and if it is needed the exams will be in O’Learn. Your virtual class hours will be announced by your faculty/departments and also listed in O’Learn soon. The courses will try to be the same day but maybe it can be revised. The virtual class hours will be 9 to 20 and even Saturdays. All virtual classes you will be able to listen and ask questions to your instructor. We will be recording all activities as well as virtual classes. You can watch previous sessions of the virtual classes afterwards.

English PACE courses will be taught a flipped learning. The details will be provided by the Foreign Language Department.

You can download Blackboard Student App and join classes with your smart phones. You can fulfill the course requirements (homeworks, quizzes etc.) with your phone wherever you are whenever you want.

You will be able to reach to International Student Office whenever you need help for any kind of administrative issues. You will be able to reach all of our formal announcements from the following web site.


For academic issues please contact with your academic advisor/ Department Head/ Dean in an hierarchical order. All information is being mailed through International Student Office, their web site and OKANEDUEN Instagram account.

Because of this unfortunate global corona virus, we will be able to overcome by supporting each other and following all hygiene and other suggestions by the authorities. University dormitories with all services are open and will be open for those who need it. We strongly urge you not to travel abroad but if you do and when you come you need to stay at quarantine for at least 14 days out of campus.

Stay healthy and safe
Istanbul Okan University