İstanbul Okan University

Hasanpasa Unit


Hasanpaşa Unit
Istanbul Okan’s Hasanpaşa Unit is one unit of the two main sub-branches of PACE starting with freshman students. It consists of two sub-branch courses which are also for English instructed and Turkish instructed vocational students.

Previous PACE vocational students continue their English education with the Hasanpaşa Unit. Their courses aim at their vocational program’s language.

Hasanpaşa Unit also teaches basic English courses for our Turkish instructed students. This unit focuses on the immediate needs of the students at hand providing around the clock assistance for their lessons.

Hasanpaşa Courses
MCAC and MSHK Courses

In these courses, which are being provided for English-instructed students, besides the improvement of grammatical knowledge of the foreign language, the improvement of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills and the correct understanding of input and correct statement of outputs are targeted.

Moreover, the cultivation of field-specific language usage, through the usage of audio-visual and field-related materials, and in-class and out-class/online activities, is also aimed.