Diluted Hybrid Education Model

29 September 2020

Dear Students of Istanbul Okan University;
Within the health protection measures being implemented due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our education programs in the Fall 2020-2021 Academic Year will be carried out according to the Diluted Hybrid Education Model.

Three course categories have been formulated in the Hybrid Education Model:
Online Courses: Almost all of our theoretical courses will be held over the O’Learn distance teaching platform. The average over all faculties and departments of online courses to all offered courses is about 68%. In the Faculty of Engineering, 70% of our courses will be offered in the online format.

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Hybrid Courses: A pre-specified number of the total of 16 weeks of Hybrid courses will be held on a face-to-face in-class basis. Laboratory work, applied projects, presentations, case studies or law case anaylses will be held in this format. Course syllabus will explicitly specify the number and dates of actual face-to-face sessions to be held in such courses. Together with face-to-face classroom settings, Hybrid courses will be able to utilize virtual classroom facilities of the O’Learn platform as well as all other online learning management system facilities. %8 of all courses in the university will be in this format. Out of all courses in the Faculty of Engineering, 30% will be in the Hybrid format.>

Face-to-Face Courses: Courses in this category will not be offered in the Faculty of Engineering in the Fall term, 2020. Such courses consist exclusively of applied work, such as those needed in the Medical School, School of Dentistry, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, Faculty of Applied Sciences and the Vocational School of Health Services. Course details will be announced in each course syllabus. The counter-pandemic measures to be implemented by the university to ensure hygiene will be announced. The percentage of such courses in the whole university is about 24%.

For those students who will not be able to come to the Tuzla campus due to travel restrictions or health conditions, the University Senate has allowed registration to courses in higher semesters, so that such students may fill their permissible credit load exclusively with online courses. Those students will be able to complete their curriculum requirements later by taking the Hybrid courses not taken this semester in future semesters.

In the Fall semester 2020, we wish good health and success to all our students, academicians and personnel.