Istanbul Okan University, Institute of Sciences and Engineering has 12 Master and 4 Ph.D. Programs. We offer master programs from the main stream subjects like: ‘Computer Engineering’, ‘Information Systems’, ‘Construction Engineering’, ‘Architecture’ and ‘Applied Mathematics’ to new emerged innovative and hybrid master subjects like: ‘Power Electronics and Clean Energy Systems’, ‘Advanced Electronic and Communication Technologies’, ‘Automotive Mechactronics and Smart Vehicles’, ‘Engineering Management’, ‘Occupational Health and Safety’, ‘Urban Regeration’ and ‘Explosive Engineering’. These subjects are chosen regarding the expectations of the industry, business life and the academia.Our graduate programs are designed for students who aim for a career development in their professional lives, as well as those who prepare for academic careers. As Institute of Sciences and Engineering, Ph.D. programs that we offer are ‘Computer Engineering’, ‘Mechatronic Engineering’, ‘Architecture’ and ‘Land Management’. We encourage our students to publish their projects/thesis in scholarly well-known national and international journals.

The course of instruction is both in English and Turkish. For the international students, we have the following master and Ph.D. programs instructed only in English:

Master Programs Ph. D. Programs
  • Power Electronics and Clean Energy Systems
  • Advanced Electronic and Communication Technologies
  • Automotive Mechactronics and Smart Vehicles
  • Architecture
  • Mechatronic Engineering
  • Architecture

Our academic staff have close cooperation with research and development (R&D) units of various industries. We encourage our students to choose their final projects/thesis topics from among the R&D agendas of these industries, thus contributing to the technology race. We target at training scientists, engineers and professionals who are innovative, curious, exploring, creative and competent in the field.


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05 March 2018

English Proficiency Exam Results (14.02.2018)

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22 January 2018

English Proficiency Exam

Okan University English Proficiency Exam will be held at Mecidiyeköy Campus...

07 March 2017

Attention to all graduate students

As mentioned earlier (Feb 17, 2017 announcement) All Master (with Thesis)...

07 March 2017

English Proficiency Exam Results

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17 February 2017

Erasmus Programme English Language Oral Exam

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19 February 2016

Erasmus English Language Oral Examination Dates and Places

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18 February 2016

Erasmus English Language Exam Classrooms

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05 November 2015

An Additional Erasmus Language Exam for Spring Study Programme

The exam will take place on November 16, between 14-16...