English Proficiency Exam Information For The Online

02 September 2020

Dear Students,
We would like to remind you few important steps about the Online English Proficiency Exam to be held on Blackboard at 10:00 am on 14/09/2020.

  • You can log in to the system by typing your OKAN student number and OIS password at
  • If you register for the exam to be held on the online platform, you do not have the right to retake the face-to-face exam. You cannot take both formats.

Before the exam;

  • Make sure your computer is working well.
  • Make sure your internet connection is strong.

For the speaking exam;

  • Make sure of your sound quality.
  • Make sure your OKAN ID card is with you.
  • Your face should be visible, if you have a mask, you should remove the mask.
  • You must be in a quiet environment for the comprehensibility of the exam.

*** Foreign students are required to make adjustments according to the + UTC3 Turkey hour.
Things you will need for the speaking test;

  • camera
  • microphone
  • Okan ID cards (you must show it at the beginning of the Speaking exam)
Detailed steps and relevant instructions regarding the exam will be announced to you on our website as soon as possible.